Monday, May 11, 2015

Two more sleeps...

until Jeff returns! I like "me" time, but I have had plenty. I am also getting really anxious about getting this house/studio move underway. There is only so much that I can do alone.

 I asked Jeff to bring back a t-shirt for my great niece's birthday. What I didn't know was that the festival t-shirts are "make your own". The people working the booth apply a stencil for you to sponge paint the design.

The finished shirt looks like this...

It's the mascot for the Chasabal festival! My niece will love it, especially since "her Jeff" made it.

As the festival was winding down, one of the Korean potter's daughter drew a portrait of Ron Philbeck. She is an amazing 8 year old artist! Imagine what she will be drawing by the time she reaches high school.

The tea bowl festival in the city of Mungyeong is now over and Jeff has traveled to the city of Seoul, with Lee Love, Craig Edwards, and Ron Philbeck, for a short stay before flying to Japan. When we chatted this morning, Jeff was doing laundry at the guest house they are staying at. He sent me this photo and asked me if he used the right settings on the washing machine...



  1. seems like too quick a trip for so far away, but I am sure you'll be glad to have Jeff back.

    1. He will have been gone for 17 days... I don't think I could handle any longer than that!

  2. Obviously he's doing a white wash with spin dry...or something! Good to see about his Korean adventures and of course that he's almost back!

  3. I love reading about Jeff’s trips to Korea. It’s such an exciting time for you both right now.

  4. washing machine: his blue jeans may come out pink and tiny!


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