Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Still Make Pots

It seems like lately this is a home improvement blog, but in reality we are still making pots. Over the weekend I decorated some mugs for a fundraiser that will benefit the North Carolina Pottery Center, and Seagrove Area Potters Association. Seagrove potters worked together to throw, handle, decorate, glaze, and fire, 250 mugs. The exhibition and sale, titled "250 Mugs on the Wall", opens Saturday May 30, 2015. Opening reception on that day from 4:30 - 7:30.

 It was fun to work on mugs that others have made. If you think about it, three or four potters had a hand in making each of these mugs.

 Then of course there are always piggy bank orders to fill.

When the shop closes, it's time to head to the other house and strip paint. Needless to say, we are pretty tired these days.


  1. It’s hard to find balance between work and the excitement of making your new house your home. It’s nice to know you are fitting in both.

  2. I thought that was sixteen bottles of beer on the wall, it must be fun to work on someone else's work, rather freeing I imagine.

  3. I'm trying to plan a road trip for visiting Seagrove, on a Wed during the day looks most likely. Is it possible you'll be in your studio so I can come by quickly to meet you? In 2 weeks or so. It's 5 hours round trip, so I hope to go to several studios while we're in the area (of course) as well as the NC Pottery Center. Any advice would be welcome!

    1. We are open by chance on Wed. and lately have closed to go work at the new house. That being said... if I know you are coming we would be happy to meet you at the gallery/studio and also show you our new space in town! The only time I definitely won't be around is on June 24 - I pick my daughter up at the airport that day.

  4. As luck would have it, when I re-did our cabinets I was doing a lot of contract woodworking and repair for a stripping shop. They sprayed my doors and drawers with nitro cellulose lacquer for me I just had to strip and finish the "boxes" of the cabinets in the house and do the reglues.I do not envy this job. Good luck.

  5. I know, people looking at my blog will be surprised to see a post today that at least has some pots in it!


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