Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whirlwind Week

What a week I have had! Last Wednesday Danielle arrive in North Carolina. Just in time for a heat wave. Despite temperatures creeping up to 100 degrees, we had a great time and didn't let it stop our plans.

 I had been wanting to visit Old Salem since moving south. It seems it always takes out of town visitors for me to take a day off and explore my new home state.

Danielle attracts cats everywhere she goes!

 Technology meets the past. An Old Salem employee, dressed in period clothing, looking at his smartphone during his lunch break. I snapped this photo while waiting for a table at the Old Tavern.

Saturday was "take your daughter to work day". I had a some orders that needed to be finished so Danielle came to the studio and tried her hands at the wheel. She was a little frustrated because she is a perfectionist. She really did a good job for her first try and with some practice I think she has some potential.

Sunday was the day we had to say good bye. Jeff took us to the airport. Danielle flew off to New York and I got on a plane to Boston. I was able to find a flight that left fifteen minutes after her. We flew the same airline and our gates were next to each other, giving us a little more time together. I arrived in Boston to rain and a very chilly 52 degrees. From there I hopped on a bus to Dover, NH, where my sister's car was waiting for me. She and my niece had taken a bus to Boston a few days earlier and were now in Alaska. I located her car in the lot, found the hidden key, and drove to her home in Wolfeboro. It all felt like a covert operation! The next morning I went straight to the rehab nursing home to visit my Dad. It's great to spend time with him and despite being very thin, he is looking pretty good.

The other bonus of being here is spending some time with this little cutie. It had warmed up enough by early afternoon to join my niece Kayla, and great niece Arianna, for a lake front lunch on the deck at Wolfe Trap Raw Bar & Grill. Arianna and I both had the clam roll... you can't beat fried clams in New England!!
Today I spring my Dad from the nursing home for a couple of hours and take him to an appointment with his orthopedic surgeon. It looks like it will be a perfect day to stop for ice cream afterwards. I don't think they will miss him at the nursing home if I keep him out tad bit longer.


  1. what a good time you hare having with your family, enjoy

  2. It's always a perfect day for ice cream.

  3. Ahhh, Old Salem! Boy I spent some days there in the past four years! It was sort of a retreat for Wesley,she lived a block away and it was a nice place to walk around and talk things out. You should go back in the fall and walk around in the cemetary, so beautiful.


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