Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Breakfast

Cereal and coffee with John Zentner (bowl) and Gary Rith (mug). A great pair.

Life's been crazy. The daily struggle is finding a balance between work in the pottery studio and getting this move completed. Jeff and I have spent too much time this week wrestling with curtains. The only reason we are hanging them is because the windows are big and we need to filter some of the wonderful sunlight that comes streaming in. If we didn't, we might bake in the southern heat... and boy is hot this week. Mid to high 90's everyday.
We have a few finishing touches to complete in the kitchen. Maybe there will be photos here tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and in your bowl. That looks like one of Gary’s mugs, it’s very cute.

  2. Good for you, at least stopping for breakfast. And sharing your life here in the midst of everything else. Deep breath. Pause. Center. Release.

  3. Take it slow no rush on the interior especially in this heat.

  4. We're definitely making use of our blinds to keep out the sun this week. This type of weather, I eat lots of cereal for breakfast too!

  5. haha, i saw the mug, thanks for the add--I am sipping out of a mug a lot like that one :)

  6. I can truly say I understand your moving pain since I'm in the midst of it myself. We're dealing with the same heat but now at least it's in the 90's and not over a hundred like it was when we moved in and found that there was no air conditioning!

    One of the contractor's subs loaned us one of his portable air conditioners and we wont' be able to have the central air installed till around July 8th! Needless to say I try to get morning chores done outdoors and in other parts of the house and I spend a lot of my free time in the bedroom!

    Definitely agree with Laurie about eating cold cereal for breakfast at least every other day!


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