Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Day two of our  5 Year Anniversary Open House and Sale is TODAY!

We had a fabulous turn out yesterday and the sale continues today. The pottery in the gallery is 20% off. Everything under the tent (seconds and older work) is 50% off. We don't typically lower our prices, but reducing inventory will really help with our studio move next month. A young woman and her Mom came and purchased a variety of wares to outfit the the young woman's first apartment. They arrived early in the morning and had the best pick of some really great seconds. They came back in the afternoon and bought a few more pieces.

We will open at noon today and close at 5pm, or later, because we often work into the evening and forget to bring the "open flags" in!

Adding to our happiness is the fact that our clivia finally bloomed! It obviously loves it's new location and wasn't at all happy in a dark log cabin... even though I took it outside each summer. I am really enjoying a sunny and bright house, where plants and humans can flourish. Maybe I can now have a Boston fern that survives the winter.


  1. Happy Anniversary...may your sales take your wonderful wares home with loving friends and neighbors. Sorry it's too far for me to make it this sale...maybe sometime soon!

  2. I can't believe it's been five years, congrats to you both.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Like Barb, it's too far for a day trip.
    Congratulations on five years! Even your plant is celebrating!

  4. Happy Anniversary, I’m so glad the sale went well for you.

  5. Blooming plants and customers are always a good thing. Happy for you!!


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