Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Help

Jeff and I have been very fortunate to have an intern for the month of July...

Liz Merritt is a senior at East Carolina University. She came to us through a collaboration between the North Carolina Pottery Center and the University. 

 July is always a busy month for us. We are getting ready for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair, hosting our anniversary open house, and then this year throw in the ongoing "move up the road". All of this has given Liz the opportunity to experience life as a studio potter. It's not just about making pots. There are glazes to mix, ash to sieve, pots to clean, price, pack, or put out for display. Kilns are loaded and fired. She has experienced the successes as well as a few failures... and the problem solving that went into figuring out why. We did yard work together; mowed the lawn, trimmed trees, and weed whacked. If you have a store front, it needs to look good. Just don't look behind the studio. That's where our glazing set up is located, and it's not pretty.

Liz has also learned that country living includes lots of bugs in all varieties, shapes, and sizes.

She has marveled at all of them, and photographed many!

July is winding down and so is her time here. I hope that Jeff and I imparted some of our knowledge onto her as well as insight into the life of studio potters.

See Liz's work at Glaze and Grow


  1. so nice for you both to have an intern and good for her too, to learn all the ins and outs first hand, yikes that's a big spider.

  2. My apprenticeship when I was in college was very valuable: working alongside a guy who can't just play in clay, but has to get up and get to work and make it happen!


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