Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Dad's rehab center is in beautiful Wolfeboro, NH. Brewster Beach, on lake Winnipesaukee, is across from the entrance to the facility. Last night I visited the lakeshore in early evening. It was a pleasant break from the nursing home atmosphere.

Remnants of the day


  1. what a great spot and I love the name of that lake, have heard it before but never knew how it was spelled.

  2. It looks like a beautiful spot. Will he be able to get out and enjoy it? When my mom was in rehab after her aneurysm she had a beautiful view from the room. Sadly, the room was set up so she couldn’t see it.

  3. Isn't your sister's house there too, and you are staying there?

    1. Yes I am staying at my sister's while she is visiting my brother in Alaska. Winnipesaukee is across the street and her yard abuts Mirror Lake. It's not as much fun being here alone as it is with her!

  4. Those nursing home visits are mentally exhausting, how nice to have some water to sooth the soul.... when my mom was in the rehab place, I would go walk on the beach after a visit. Nice way to calm down.
    Cheers to your dad!


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