Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to Work...

 We are back in North Carolina, have been for nearly a week. There has been no time for blogging as we had to jump right back into work. Our studio and gallery move is in full swing. In between the packing, there are orders to fulfill, and a few lessons to teach. Jeff and I are so grateful to have had a few days of down time with Danielle and Jason in Connecticut.

They are such gracious hosts, cooking for us, and taking us, to some very fun dining establishments around the city of New Haven.

We bought lobster and clams, fresh from the boat, a walking distance from their home. Walk in the opposite direction, and in six blocks you will reach Rocco's Italian bakery where you will find giant walnut rings, cheese danish, and stuffed breads that are to die for. A evening in town began at Cask Republic for drinks, and ended at Barcelona Wine Bar for an amazing Spanish tapas meal.

A wine and cheese, picnic lunch, was enjoyed at beautiful Gouveia Vineyard in Wallingford, CT.

Our time in New Haven was spent at a leisurely pace. We slept as late as we wanted and some of us napped in the late afternoon, while others enjoyed a cocktail on the deck.

Our three and a half days in New Haven took the sting off of a less than stellar show in New Hampshire. We are glad to be back home in Seagrove, and sleeping in our own bed. We may not have tapas restaurants, bars, or pizza delivery... but Seagrove is home. We enjoy our life here.


  1. sounds like it was a nice trip away from home to refresh the soul

  2. Good thing you were forced to have a break, with all the work and moving!

  3. Looks like a nice vacation!
    It sounds like you are madly running to get all done!

  4. nice bowl..... I would love a vacation!

    1. I thought you might recognize that bowl! Someday I am going to take a vacation that doesn't involve a show at either end of it!


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