Friday, August 7, 2015

Road Trip to the North Country

Jeff and I took a quick trip to North Conway today to deliver some things to a friend of his. We also stopped at the League of NH Craftsmen gallery located in town. They carry Jeff's work and it was good to see in person, just what they have left. It's a beautiful space both inside and out. North Conway is nestled in the White Mountains, not far from Mt. Washington. It's a bustling place year round, catering to skiers, hikers, leaf peepers, and of course shoppers. Like many tourist areas the outlet strip malls have overtaken much of the landscape. But it's still beautiful and it was nice to get back there, even if it was brief.
The weather here in New Hampshire has been great. The temperature has been hovering around 73 degrees. Chilly enough at night for flannel jammies! Tomorrow we head south to New Haven, CT. 


  1. oh that quaint town draws me in, in my dreams an idyllic place to live and work

  2. I had to laugh at the sidewalk sale sign selling selfie sticks (alliteration came naturally)

  3. I think the North Conway shop is my favorite! But boy has it changed since I first went there in 1967!

  4. I'm jealous of those cool days! But folks up there will be jealous of our warm fall days soon enough!
    What a nice trip for the two of you :)

  5. What a cute place.
    I’m not sure about Seagrove but it’s been in the upper 90’s here in Atlanta, enjoy that cool weather.


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