Monday, August 24, 2015


We are on a tight budget to set up our studio and gallery. Jeff and his brother John can handle the carpentry, which saves us a boatload of money. Our other new best friend is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Last week Jeff and John scored some great doors and a window for the walkout basement.

$45 dollars for all three doors!

The window will go to the right of the patio doors in the exterior view. The opening was framed for an overhead garage door, but that would have cost much more money and would not have let in as much light. If we are going to work in the basement, we want it to have as much daylight as possible.

Our kiln will be located outside this area. It will be a nice walking distance for glazing and loading. We are really excited about being able to put our glaze buckets on wheels. It will be the first time that either of us have worked in a studio with a level concrete floor!


  1. oh that's going to be so nice, what a bargain those doors were. check craigslist for bargains and free stuff too

  2. Making a studio in your new house really increases the amount of work you have to do to make it home. Good job with the doors and window, they have some great deals there and it’s for a good cause.

  3. Good find. Nice to see you studio going in.

  4. Love it! Can't wait to stop by to see the progress!

  5. It's so exciting to see your studio coming together. I agree about natural light; it feeds creativity!

    My Mug For Moving was waiting at the post office on Friday when I went for the mail. I had almost forgotten about it so it was a cool surprise! Thanks; it's a tangible memory of the small contribution I could make!

  6. Nice doors! Can't wait to see it all up and running!

  7. Looks like it will make a great work area
    I got my mug last weekend. It's beautiful, thank you :)


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