Friday, September 4, 2015


Jeff spent two days this week power washing the interior of the carport to prepare it for studio/gallery space. It seemed the best solution to rid the ceiling from years of grime and layers of peeling paint. If you have to work in 90 degree weather, this is probably the best work to do. When Jeff was done, it looked like he had been out playing in the rain all day.

You can see from the photo below what a difference it made in the color of the ceiling!

The louvers are being removed and replace with solid walls and a couple of windows on one side. We will still have some scraping to do before Jeff applies a texture and paint to the ceiling and beams.

It's exciting to see things moving forward towards being able to work in our digs. The one mile commute down the road is killing us.


  1. One foot in front of the other, repeat

  2. three men in a tub, couldn't resist, looking good, bet you can't wait to move it all in, that'll be the fun part, yeah

  3. Oh goodie goodie, clean carport becoming studio space!

  4. I do laugh about your one mile. But, it will soon be over. I'm happy that you will close in for your pottery. It looks so much better than an open carport or yard of pottery. I really think the public want to take in a place that takes the effort to have a real space. It will all be a distantent memory on your one mile soon.

    1. Meredith, I totally agree with you. If you want to be treated like a professional, you have to look like one... no matter what profession you are in. Jeff and I are so looking forward to a spiffy gallery space. It might me a work in progress for a bit, but we will have doors, windows, and good lighting!

  5. Great progress! I drove by today, & wondered what you were up to. Nice to see.

  6. Great progress! I drove by today, & wondered what you were up to. Nice to see.

  7. Coooool...I wonderwhere your studio would be. You are both so handy!

  8. It's just a mile; it'll be okay! Yeah! (I had my studio split for several years. Not fun!)
    It's going to be a terrific space! Keep us posted!


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