Monday, September 7, 2015

Out of the kiln

We unloaded the gas kiln a few days ago and then moved right on to other things. I am finally getting around to looking at the pictures I took while we unloaded. Overall it was a really good firing. 

I was a little disappointed that one of my large carved bowls slumped. It's hard to see in the photo, but in person it's very obvious. The conclusion is that the foot ring was too small to support it. The slump is definitely around the foot ring. I also probably trimmed a little to thin around it. I have three more similar size bowls to fire. I am hoping they will survive.
One is a wedding gift that I need at the beginning of October.

 Remember the creepy face jug?

He came out pretty creepy.

... and look at Jeff's kimchi jar back there, SWEET!


  1. Ginkgo leaves look lovely. And Kimchi jar is also lovely. Face jug silly and gets a laugh!

  2. That plate is absolutely wonderful so sorry about the slump, the plate is now a bird bath or a butterfly puddling place you made especially for someone's garden.creepy guy isn't so creepy he looks very happy I love how his face is so red and jolly, I have folks ask me for face jugs occasionally at the market; they seem to be very popular in these mountain areas. what is the glaze color on Jeff's beautiful jar I love that color, looks turquoise on my monitor ?

    1. The kimchi jar is Jeff's matte aqua/turquoise glaze. It's one of my favorite combinations.

  3. How frustrating to have it slump. The design is gorgeous! Ain't it fun being a potter?
    Toes crossed that the studio move is going or has gone well!


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