Sunday, December 4, 2016


Thursday and Friday we loaded the kiln to fire a bisque. Lots of things weren't dry so we fired very slowly. Jeff  snoozed on the sofa overnight, setting his alarm to keep checking the kiln. As soon as it's cool we will glaze and load her up again. We have orders to ship next Friday.

 Jeff created two more custom skull mugs. These are a little more cartoon-like than the last. The buyer sent photos of what they had in mind. I think this one is pretty cool!

This week we are back to piggy bank production. Since the first of December, I have take thirteen new orders. I always get a stressed when the deadline is Christmas delivery. I don't want to be the person that doesn't deliver a gift on time!


  1. Good for Santa's helpers. On Dec 26 you can rest!

  2. Oh man...everything looks great! Careful with the shipping though this time of year...You are bolder than me with nerves of steel! Happy holidays from the west coast.

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