Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ginkgo Leaves, Snakes, and Pizza...

Last week I threw some bowls and spent a couple of afternoons carving leaves. I knew I had a short window of opportunity to get these done before it was back to assembling piggy banks.

Jeff pugged some clay on Monday and when he was done we attached the die to extrude the piggy bank parts. While we were at it we extruded a couple of different size tubes because I have been itching to make some snakes again. Last night Jeff and talked about snake decorating methods and we came up with some new ideas for a collaboration. I will post some photos once we execute the plan.

I am still experimenting with a cold ferment pizza dough. When I made this batch at the end of last week, it was a little more humid and the dough could have used a bit more flour. The downside was that I make this recipe in the food processor and the bowl just barely accommodates the dough. My food processor is also a very inexpensive one and I could tell it was beginning to strain. I had to scrape out the sticky dough and add the rest of the flour on the board, as I kneaded it. The food processor was a sticky mess to wash. I really would like to invest in a good processor but until then I will mix this dough by hand.

Last night's pie was Jeff's request. Grilled chicken, artichokes, onions, black olives, and lots of tomatoes and herbs from our garden. It was quite tasty, but I have to admit... I LOVE pepperoni!


  1. I'm going to have to research cold ferment pizza dough, as I've not heard of it. I saw a beautiful snake on my walk a few days ago, which I ID'd to be a striped garter snake (I think). It wasn't striped, but had beautiful markings.

    1. It's just a fancy name for dough that rises in the fridge. It's good after 24 hours and even better after a few days.

  2. OK< I'm blaming you for me eating a pizza on the road to the studio tonight. (Which was a fun thing to do, I did stop to eat it though)


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