Saturday, September 16, 2017

Glaze Tricks

 I had an order for a salt pig that was to be un-glazed on the interior and sprayed ash glaze over shino on the outside. I was in a quandary as to how to not get the ash on the inside, without have to meticulously sponge it off.

Of course Jeff came up with a solution!

A piece of sponge cut to fit, and wired with a handle to be able to pull it out after spraying the glaze. It sort of looks like we were torturing the poor piggy. Jeff's idea worked like a charm.

Creativity comes in many forms when you are a potter.


  1. Brilliant! A potter's ingenuity never fails!

  2. I thought a balloon..but a sponge is better!

  3. Great to learn new old dog and all that!

  4. I have sponge envy! (I have had to resort to cutting my sponges out of ones designed to fit floor mops as nothing else that I can find here seems to last). Very clever idea. I have used a balloon in the distant past (as gz suggests), and that worked quite well but the glaze tended to stick rather well to it and the pot and made it hard to pull the balloon out without damaging the boarder of the glaze.


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