Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lost My Groove

It's been a weird time for me since returning from our August trip to New Hampshire. I feel like I have lost my rhythm in work and everything else in life. I am trying hard to kick my ass back into shape and be more productive. I can find lots of excuses for this state of disarray... weather, politics, aches and pains, the list could get quite long!

Last week I lost probably two days of work because of a stubbed toe! It wasn't an ordinary stubbed toe, it was a twisted around stubbed toe that when looking at it, made me break out into a sweat and nearly pass out.  Eventually I was able to massage it back into the right place. It wasn't dislocated and I doubt it is broken... just a bad sprain. Needless to say my toe has looked like a fat little purple sausage and the top and bottom of my foot is swollen and bruised. A week later and I am still limping around.

I spent another afternoon watching the weather on television and making preparations for a tornado. We were under a tornado warning for much of the afternoon. Nothing materialized, but I was ready if it did. Next we have to worry about hurricane Irma. At least I have a plan already in place.

I have managed some accomplishments... piggy banks are made and glazing has commenced. I carved some new mug designs but glazed them before I could take photos. Today I will finish up a couple of pigs and help Jeff glaze sink orders.

How have I spent the rest of my days? Reading, watching the hummingbirds, experimenting with a cold ferment pizza dough, and enjoying our moon flowers. The vacuuming will have to wait.


  1. Oh your poor toe. I sure know how we slip into that place where our productiveness isn't happening...but it's part of fermentation of the process...getting ready for the next burst of production! Just trust it will happen.

  2. I think we all go through those times. Sometimes we just have to step away from what we think we should be doing, and do something else, before we come back to it. Your poor toe! Owie!

  3. you don't have to push yourself at full pace all the time...
    good luck with the weather..stay safe xx

  4. love your pottery works and also your blog, please keep up the good work!
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