Monday, September 11, 2017

The Chair

If my mother were still with us, her and Dad would be celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary today. My paternal grandmother gave them a boudoir chair as a wedding gift. I have always loved that chair. Over the years my parents reupholstered it themselves and repaired the spring system in the seat cushion. Last winter the springs gave out again my Dad decided he wanted a new chair. He was going to throw away the old one. I couldn't bear to see it thrown out and asked if I could have it. We made sure there was room in the trailer to bring it back to North Carolina after the show in August.

So now I have a 63 year old chair that I am going to attempt to reupholster! I clearly remember the three different fabrics that have adorned this chair. I also remember a photo my mother took of me sitting in it when I was a toddler. Now I have to decide if I want to update it with a modern print or find a fabric that is fitting to 1954. I think I better watch some youtube video about upholstery projects before I tackle the job!


  1. How sweet. Good luck with upholstery. I've done it back when I didn't mind getting on the floor for hours.

  2. Things with history mean so much more. Good luck with the reupholstery! The only thing I've ever done is simple bottoms of dining room chairs.

  3. find a fabric that suits the chair...not everything from the 50s is dire!


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