Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Bye November

November is coming to a close very soon and what a month it has been! I am happy to say that the Celebration of Seagrove Potters show was our best yet. Jeff and I were exhausted by Sunday night, but it was a good tired. The kind of tired that lets you know that you worked hard and it paid off.
We haven't heard what we sold, or if we sold anything, at the Piedmont Craftsmen's show. We did get the official letter that we passed the physical jury process and we are now fully juried members of Piedmont Craftsmen.
With Thanksgiving happening just four days after the show, there was no time to rest. Since Jeff and I are centrally located for his family, we are now the hosts of dinner. We unpacked the trailer on Monday and spent the next three days cooking, cleaning, and making pots.

Just to add a little more work to the mix, Jeff helped David Stuempfle fire his wood kiln the week before Celebration. I put just one cup and a few spoons in the firing. I am pleased with the cup. It has the toasty variations that I love.

I have it in the house with me for now.

 Trying to decide if I might keep it for myself.

I am sure I can find room for one more.


  1. I love the toastiness of wood fired pots. And I completely understand the sentiment of feeling you can find a place for just one more.


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