Thursday, December 21, 2017

The End of An Era

If you have been following this blog for many years, you probably remember that in 2010 we bought a school bus and used it to move from New Hampshire to North Carolina. It took few trips to complete the move. We hung on to the bus and used it for storage. At one time we had dreams of converting it to a mobile studio to teach classes in. We realized over time that our focus needed to be on building our business here in Seagrove. Off and on we have toyed with the idea of selling the bus and when a friend approached us about purchasing it, we decided that the time had come to let it go.

Our school bus has lower mileage than my 2008 SUV! Even after not running for over two years, she turned over after a couple of tries. Today was the day she went to her new home where she will be transformed into a food truck... or should I say, food bus!

Since she isn't registered and inspected, a tow truck came and hauled her away.

Good-bye old friend. You helped us get started on an exciting new adventure and we will always have fond memories of our many road trips.


  1. good to see that the bus will have a new life

  2. I'm slowly starting to realise that life offers a great many right choices (and wrong ones!), but there is only time to follow some of them! You made a brave decision to say good-bye to the bus, and it is lovely that it will be having adventures as a food bus in future (although I am sure it will miss the aroma of the earthy goodness of clay and the sound of a potter's wheel and the thump of clay on the wedging table!).
    A very Happy Christmas and New Year to you both!

  3. It looks like it served you well. Now you have roots to go with the clay!

  4. Moving on, focusing, letting go of a shining idea...all challenging. Here's to new successes!

  5. I'm sure it brought some tears seeing that sweet bus go down the road to a new home. Hoping you both have a great 2018.


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