Monday, January 29, 2018

Organizational Skills

I have organizational skills, I just don't always use them! It's something that I am working on. Some time ago I was in IKEA and fell in love with a Raskog cart. It came in my favorite color, the price was right (about $27) and it came home with me. My first inclination was to use it in the studio for tools. After putting it together and letting it live in the house for a few weeks, I decided I wanted it for storing art supplies. It has worked out great. I can roll it to where I need it or I can hide it away in my office. It also makes a great stand to hold the pyrometer when we are firing the gas kiln!
It doesn't look very organized right now. I guess I need to get my organizer, organized.

We recently ordered new IKEA shelving for our gallery. They were offering free shipping so I ordered another cart with the sole purpose of studio use. The color offerings were fewer and I settled on burnt orange.

Before the cart, I had all my tools in containers and crocks on my worktable, making the table very cluttered for rolling out slabs and doing any hand building. The cart gives me flexibility to roll it near my wheel or next to the worktable. I have also been able to roll it out of the way when we are having a group in the studio for lessons.
After re-organizing my "art cart", I should tackle some closets...


  1. My home sure could use some organization. Would you believe I've yet to step foot in an Ikea, or shop online for that matter. That's a pretty nifty cart.

    1. I don't get to IKEA very often, since it's a nearly two hour drive to the one in Charlotte. I have often combined the trip with dropping someone off or picking someone up at the airport.

  2. Perhaps you could do a tutorial on organization.
    I am going to try to repurpose a little cart I have.
    Start With A Cart!

  3. our favourite coffee shop has glass jars of various teas on their trolley

  4. I'm glad to see someone is doing some organizing. I moved my desk, which of course meant re-wiring everything. I count that as organizing here!


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