Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Slowly coasting along...

When the holiday rush was over I found two coasters that were forgotten. They were wrapped in plastic and still leather hard. I had been trying to talk myself into braving the cold studio and getting some work done. Opportunity was calling my name! I got out there, applied some slip and once they were dry enough, carved a design. I was so proud of myself for finally getting something done. Jeff laughed because there were only two, and I wimped out with a simple design. Cut me some slack... it was really cold in the studio!

After the bisque firing I applied liquid wax to the rims and then filled in the carving with Amaco's Jet Black Velvet Underglaze.

Once the underglaze was dry, I wiped over it with a damp sponge. I am not too fussy with the clean up. Most won't show through the glaze. When it does, I don't mind the "blurry" look.

I poured the glaze on to the coasters, quickly pouring off the excess. If any spots get on the rim I just wipe it up with a damp sponge.

They came out of the kiln on Monday, so now I have a complete set of........TWO.

With our new heater in the studio we should be able to be more productive on a regular basis this month. Coasters are on my "to make" list.

PS... Thought you might like to see how we treat the backs of our coasters. Cork buttons with adhesive backing. They come in a large roll and are relatively inexpensive. I believe they came from Widgetco.


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