Monday, March 26, 2018

Is it Spring yet?

I think this is the coldest March that I have experienced since moving to North Carolina. This weekend we needed to get the kiln loaded for a bisque firing. Saturday was spent outside in the kiln shed shivering, while sanding and loading pots. It wasn't a very pleasant day, but we had the kiln loaded by 5:00 pm and Jeff bricked the door before dark.

We have quite an assortment of pots in the kiln. I had an order for a sheep so I made a few. The smaller, roundy ones are rattles. Lots of ginkgo carved pots, and the usual piggy banks and vessel sinks.

Hey... what happened to my tail? Oops. How did I forget that? I will have to get creative with him. Maybe I will paint a tail on with under-glaze! Luckily he is not an order, but an extra.

Despite the chilly weather there are signs of Spring in the yard. Friday was a sunny day and while hanging out laundry (yes I do that, and actually enjoy it!) I noticed the iris were blooming near the clothesline. I love irises and we only have white ones here at 505. I have to remember to plant a new variety this year. I am not even sure what time of year they are planted I guess I will have to "google" it.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Some things just take time

Remember these?

I finally got them finished!

I made them in January. They took forever to dry and get into the bisque kiln. Flat things take up a lot of real estate in the glaze firing and things that aren't orders are last on the list to get in the kiln.
My original thought was to glaze all of them in ash glaze. At the last minute, Jeff convinced me to do two in the green glaze. I am really glad I did because I am loving the contrast of the green with the un-glazed rim. The clay is STARworks East Fork.
Modeled after the Jeff's coaster design, these are a nice lunch plate size, about 8 1/2". Lets see if I can get the next round of them finished more quickly.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's like riding a bicycle...

Our good friends Bonnie and David came to visit on Thursday afternoon. Bonnie was due for a pottery lesson and despite not having thrown on the wheel in long time she did an awesome job. As we were finishing up for the evening we spied this shadow on the wall...

Have no fear, it just a clay snake!

Bonnie gladly took it off our hands. He will now live in her garden.