Sunday, May 6, 2018

Little Boxes

I have been working on a series of little boxes thrown in one piece. The first ones I made are cooling in the kiln. These I finished up on Friday.

I decided to combine some slip trailing with the carving.

And one with just slip trailing. I haven't done much slip trailing in recent years, other then the occasional dots. I soon realized I am way out of practice! I sort of felt like I had old lady shaky hands.

While these were fun to make, I do think that throwing a jar and a lid separately is actually less time consuming. I will go back to that method on the next go around.


  1. How do you create the rim. I could make an angled cut but this seems to be a cut with a ridge around the top?

    1. Debbie, I used the squared off end of a disposable chop stick. Just pushed it in with the wheel spinning. The walls were too thin on my first few attempts, which left a very thin gallery. Leaving the walls a little thicker also allowed me to push the chop stick in further.

  2. Jars, one of my favorite items. I have one that Mark just made that I want, but just don't need. :)

  3. Talk about shaky old lady's such fun to develop skills only to have your body say, no, you better do something else! Take it from shaky old lady here!

  4. you can make the gallery with the Knob'n'All boxes..just press in with a square stick...then when leather hard,cut a the right place.
    Thanks to the late Harry Horlock Stringer of Taggs Yard


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