Friday, September 14, 2018

Be Prepared

We are 100+ miles from the coast but we are still expecting hurricane Florence to have a significant impact on the Seagrove, NC area. The brunt of the storm will probably hit us overnight. The wind gusts have arrived ahead of the rain. A large tree has already fallen in my neighbors yard.

Jeff and I spent the last couple of days securing our yard and kiln shed. We are really glad that we put up additional side walls on the shed this summer. The kiln will be much more protected now.

Jeff trimmed limbs from trees. Yesterday we brought all the patio furniture and plants into the studio. We have all of our pitchers and containers filled with water. We have town water and typically don't lose it when the power goes out, but who wants to chance it?

Our preparations are complete and today we will get back to work in the studio, as long as we have power. I have some piggy banks to assemble and will be able to work on them sans-power... As long as it's not too dark!
If you are in the path of the storm, be smart and stay safe.


  1. Sounds like we're thinking alike. I've been working on soap wrapping today, making sure the labels were printed, and figuring I could wrap them without power if need be. So glad the storm has weakened from the original forecast.

  2. thinking good weather thoughts for you...we'll get the tail end of whatever you get in about two weeks......

  3. Several of our potters in the community studio took slabs of clay home with them to work on hand building in case the studio is closed due to weather/power outages. Our rain isn't due to hit until Sunday now.

  4. Hang tight everyone! Hope you all fare OK with the rain and wind.

  5. Toes crossed that nothing worse happens. I was pleased to see that it has been downgraded to a tropical depression with huge amounts f rain expected.
    Stay safe and dry.

  6. It's been a crazy ride. It could stop now.


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