Saturday, February 2, 2019

New Year - New Tools

A few months ago Jeff and I purchased an extruder a from friend. We have a small extruder but it's quite limited in what you can do with it.This week Jeff finally had the time to mount this larger one on the wall. 

I decided to start simple and extrude a few wall pockets. It was fun to experiment with different stamps and methods of cutting the openings. It was also a nice break from piggy banks.


  1. Oh your fun has just begun! I must have spent months combining shapes in various ways when I learned how to use the extruder at our community studio. Enjoy!

  2. Potters at play..the best way to get inspiration!

  3. Having an extruder is a blessing especially when you are making jug or teapot handles. It looks like from the pictures, you got a nice wall mounted one. On my blog: ceramic blog I have started a video section and your post gave me a great idea about adding tutorials on how to use an extruder. The advantages of wall- mounted clay extruders are very durable and can handle large quantities of clay. They are ideal for extruding excessive shapes, including large coils and hollow tubes, which can be modified to create sculptures and functional ceramic goods.


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