Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Funky Sunflowers

I finished another alcohol ink painting. I have been calling this one "Funky Sunflowers". It also was embellished using a Sakura Microperm pen - 01, like the last "flower" painting. It's interesting that most alcohol based pens (Sharpie or Bic) will smear over the inks. The Micron pens also smeared. I am a lefty so it's really important for me not to have pens that smear easily. The Microperm didn't smear while I was working and it doesn't rub off after a few hours either. Other pens, 24 hours later, could still rub off. I learned this tip from CeeCee Creations on youtube. She has a lot of great painting tutorials, both alcohol ink and watercolor. Even though she said the other pens would rub off, I did some testing myself. Sure enough, she was correct!

It took me a few days to do this one, even though it is small (5"x 7"). I did the background one evening and the flowers the next day. Stems and leaves were added on the third. I had to work out the "doodles" on a separate practice sheet. I finally committed to a plan and completed the work last night. I am pretty happy with this one and I think I will mat and frame it.


  1. You've developed a great new technique in your repertoire. I particularly like how there's shading and a three dimensional aspect to the flowers. And thanks for the tip about the pens over the alcohol inks. If ever I try these inks, will try to remember.

  2. The colors seem so vibrant with these pens. And the soft backgrounds remind me of batik, which I love. I don't think I knew you were also a lefty!

  3. so beautiful, you must be loving this new adventure. I sure am enjoying seeing them.


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