Monday, May 20, 2019

Real Flowers...

A walk through the yard this morning.

 The magnolia is looking a little beat up after the two hurricanes last fall. Fewer blossoms, but each one beautiful.

 Yarrow by the front steps.

 The herbs are doing great this Spring. Sage and thyme.

The lilies are just starting to bloom. Their scent reminds me of suntan lotion.

The field next door was hayed late last week, while we were loading the gas kiln. Jeff and I were both sneezing up a storm. Yesterday they rolled it into bales. I love seeing them scattered across the landscape. We are breathing much easier now.


  1. Beautiful blooms! I love seeing the hay bales in the fields too.

  2. Love those big white magnolias. I wish I could grow them here.
    It’s odd to think of haying. It’s about a month away here. The big bales are often covered with a white plastic so it looks like fields of giant marshmallows!
    I have doc’s okay to pot and garden. Clean up has started.

  3. I noticed all the cut hay on our way back home. I also noticed just a ton of roadside wildflowers. All that water has to be for something, right?! And, the frogs that I am seeing close to the house here. The year of frogs...


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