Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hot, Hot, Hot!

This heat has been killing me. I feel like work is done at a snail's pace. The window AC in our pottery studio hasn't been able to keep the room cool by late afternoon. I try to get what I need done by 4:00 pm. At that time of day the temperature has reached 85 degrees and it's time to quit. I really don't know how we managed to work without AC when we were in the log cabin. I guess we didn't know any better... and were four years younger.

Some of our flowers and vegetables are struggling with the heat. We have also had very little rain, which means we have had to water. Since we are on town water, that gets expensive. The old well and pump are still here on the property. A few months back we had our electrician update some of the wiring and hopefully we will get it running soon. It would be great to not pay for studio water and watering gardens.

The tomatoes are plentiful and should be ripening soon. Jeff isn't sure what's up with the beans. There is great foliage but not a lot of flowers, and very few beans. The Japanese beetle battle has been a painful one this year.

Last night we had enough okra to fry. It was a delicious treat. Along with a tomato pie and salad, it was the perfect southern summer meal. It seems we have to check the okra twice a day or you end up with a few giants! The big one in the photo will get dried and used for seeds next Spring.

Our resident black snake has been circling the perimeter of the house on a regular basis. It's hard to tell from the glare in this photo, but it is nearly six feet long now. We assume this is the same one that Jeff removed from inside the studio while we were under construction four years ago. It was a small snake then. Last year it managed to find it's way into the basement. Black snakes are good snakes. Hopefully it's keeping our rodent population down. I enjoy watching it through the sliding glass door and definitely prefer snakes to not come in the house.

I hope my readers are able to keep cool during this heat wave. I feel bad for people in the northeast, where air conditioning isn't the norm for many homes. I am so looking forward to Tuesday, when cooler temperatures are predicted.

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