Thursday, March 12, 2020

NYC - Day Two

We checked out of our hotel on Sunday morning and began our walk to Central Park where we had brunch reservations at Tavern On The Green.

We stopped for coffee on the way and we were right across from the Ed Sullivan Theater, home of the Late Show with Steven Colbert. I had to snap this photo for Jeff. He loves the Late Show. We tried to get tickets a couple of years ago, but evidently they are hard to acquire. 

Tavern On The Green was wonderfully fancy. The doorman was decked out in a top hat and tails. The food was great and we enjoyed a bottle of sparkling rose. 

This was my first visit to Central Park and I was amazed at how beautiful it was, even in the brown of winter. I would like to go back in late Spring or Summer.

It was a cold day, but the sun was shining and there were lots of people in the park.

We were on the train by about 3pm and back in New Haven, CT by 4:30 pm. Too tired to cook we ordered pizza from Frank Pepe's. Pepe's is a "must have" when in New Haven! It's coal fired pizza and their white clam is super yummy.

The trip was great and it's good to be home. Of course I did all of the things we are advised against doing during a pandemic... flew on a plane, rode the train to Grand Central Station, visited the biggest city in the USA, went to crowded restaurants and a theater. We did our best to not touch our faces and the usual hand washing, things I typically do anyway. I hope that everyone is being cautious and that all my family and friends remain healthy.


  1. How fun! I'm pretty sure I went to Central Park as a child, but don't remember it. Cool Alice in Wonderland sculpture!

  2. Looks like you had a terrific time.
    One of my favorite Central Park memories is a visit in late spring on a sunny Sunday. It felt like a Seurat paintings.
    Pepe’s is the best!

  3. How wonderful to get some time away. Good company, good food, good times making memories.


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