Friday, November 27, 2009

post thanksgiving post

jeff's potter friend rob is visiting from virginia...thursday night we went to the dolphin striker in portsmouth for music and drinks... of course the place was packed. we had a fun evening and there was even a bar brawl! this is really unusual for the's a rather tame sorta upscale place. luckily no one was hurt and it was over quickly...the only casualty was robs the brawlers landed on OUR table.
we didn't get back to northwood until 1:30 then stayed up until 3:45 (yikes) enjoying good sake and talking about pots (of course).

jeff, rob and i went to my sisters in wolfeboro, nh for turkey day dinner. it was a nice gathering of family and friends...with waaaay too much delicious food. that's jeff and rob in the pic above. rob's a fun, friendly talented potter and i am happy to be getting to know him.
tomorrow the three of us will work in my studio together...i think rob is going to throw us some minis!!! i will have my camera close by.


  1. Whew! Glad the brawler only disturbed the drinks. A day in your studio with potter friends sounds awesome!

  2. Hello Michéle! It was good to hear from you. It is starting to feel more like winter here and I haven’t gotten acclimated to it yet (that was my poor excuse for not potting today anyway). Hope you are doing great. I am thinking of you (knowing December marks a year since you lost your beloved John) and wishing you all the best. Jewels


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