Monday, December 7, 2009

third firing...

i have been a bad blogger this past week...i have at least ONE good reason...i fired the kiln for the third time last tuesday!! once again i had mixed results...we did a lot of reduction but still had some spots that were not reduced enough. the next firing we will do an even longer reduction and also load the kiln a little looser. i do know that john didn't load it tightly and perhaps that is one of the problems. i haven't had time to take pictures but i did take one of a handled bowl. i struggled with how to glaze this bowl and after seeing it finished i have decided i will spray the glaze next time.
this is going to be a busy week. i don't do a whole lot of christmas shopping but will need to do it this week. next week jeff and i are taking a road trip south. we will visit family & friends....AND take a side trip to seagrove since we will be in north carolina. we won't be back until a few days before christmas.


  1. Lovely bowl, Michéle! I really like the cut away and decorative handle! It is exciting you are going to Seagrove – have a wonderful time!


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