Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday changes

...i have a new schedule this week. i haven't been doing real estate on saturdays since september but for the next 6 weeks i will take sunday off instead. the change came at a perfect time since i have started an intensive 8 week real estate course on mondays...this will give me sunday to rest up for it! the course is called BOLD and it is offered through Keller Williams Realty with whom i am affiliated with. i think this course will not only help me with my real estate career but also with the pottery business and everything else i do in this lifetime...and who knows - maybe it will carry over to my next life as well...even if i am a CAT!

this morning's mug selection - a jeff brown masterpiece, i believe it was soda fired in the NHIA's kiln... jeff, correct me if i am wrong ;-)

happy saturday to all... and enjoy WHATEVER it is you have planned!


  1. I'm sure the class will have some applications to pottery, do you have cats?

  2. Oh I used to work in real estate when I lived in Arkansas, but finally gave it up as it took too much of my free time, people were always wanting me to drop everything at a moment's notice. I guess it wasn't for me.

  3. you are right linda - people do expect that you can be there in a moments notice... a colleague of mine spoofs the realtor ads with this saying "call a realtor because we have no life"! if i could make a living making pots i would give it up. and yes i do have a cat... i couldnt live without one in my life!

  4. thank you for the correction dahling :-)


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