Wednesday, February 24, 2010


... i am now a state juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen!!!! i still can't believe it is for real... it is something i always dreamed about but never thought i would be able to get in. jeff started to talk to me about it last summer and i immediately said there was no way i was ready to do that. his angle on the idea was that if i applied it would be a learning experience, i would get a good critique and if i was deferred i could come back in a year with better work. i continued to resist!
jeff wouldn't back down. he talked about the jury process weekly. in december he took some photographs of my work and he convinced me to fill out the application and send in the pictures. yesterday was my jury appointment... yes i was a nervous wreck even though i knew my jurors! long story short is that i was accepted into the league, they told me what they really liked about my work and a few things that i can work on. needless to say i was on cloud 9 the rest of the day. thank you jeff for teaching me to throw pots and encouraging me to take the next step!

... this is what i have been working on this week. i have been making ovals for a couple of years and this week i assembled them when they were still soft. the handles were added the next day. i decided to give the soft assembly a try after reading joe bennion's method. next step is to make lidded ovals using joe's directions. (scroll down to his Feb. 2nd post)


  1. F### yeah! Congrats!!!!!
    I remember the day they accepted me too, I was on cloud nine also :)

  2. How COOL for you! And, are those casserole dishes in those ovals? Those look lovely!

  3. I thought I was the only one who used butter paddles to make handles!
    They are so cool.

  4. my handle ideas come from Bill VanGilder ... they are a demo in one of his books... next step is to make them a little bigger and attach them differently. part of the critique in my league jury were to work on that aspect.
    thank you for the compliments!

  5. congrats to you, love the casseroles.


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