Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a new community

last night jeff and i attended our first Seagrove Area Potters Association (SAPA) meeting.  we joined just prior to our move down here.
the meeting was a welcome break from all the cleaning, unpacking, etc.  it was nice to reconnect with the potters i met this spring and have the opportunity to meet new people.  this is such a welcoming community and i am really excited about being a part of it!

little by little we are clearing more space to be able to move around in the log cabin... the kitchen is close to being unpacked.  today i think i will tackle the living/dining room, while jeff finishes installing a new vanity in the bathroom... the biggest challenge is trying to get furniture to the second floor via a spiral staircase....

...we remove a second floor window and hoisted the bed through it!  we don't want to do that with the rest of the bedroom set, so our dressers will stay in a small room off of the bath... to make it sound extra fancy we call it our "dressing room".
... back to work now so that i can get closer to being back to work with clay!


  1. I know, spiral staircases are cute, but....

  2. and sophie is afraid of the staircase... we have to carry her up and down it! and on the trip down she cries the whole way... she doesn't seem to mind the trip up.


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