Tuesday, June 15, 2010

struggles in the life of the gypsy potter...

we are very fortunate to be staying with our friend roni this week while we dismantle the gas kiln... she has a lovely home on bow lake. staying in other peoples homes has it's challenges.
 roni has one of those keurig (sp?) one cup at a time coffee makers.  jeff and i drink WAAAY to much coffee to use that.  we have bought 2 boxes at $7.95 ea. in the last week. YIKES!
yesterday we saw a french press in roni's cabinet...  so last night we bought some coffee.  i woke up this morning realizing i had never used one before... the internet is a wonderful thing...

i found some directions...

then couldn't open the can of coffee because i had no clue how to operate this can opener and didn't want to have to find directions for THAT online!  luckily i rummaged through the drawers and found the old fashioned kind. being a lefty i am somewhat can opener challenged anyway... so i have a good excuse.

here we go!

ahhhh.... two steaming cups of coffee
meesh mug on the left... roni brown mug on the right (yep... she's a potter too!)

so the first round of coffee was a little week... the next one will be better.  BRING ON THE DAY!!!


  1. Coffee(wonderful as it is) tastes SOOOOO much better when served in a handmade ceramic mug!

  2. I have one of those coffee makers (I think I still do - somewhere in the packing); I used to take it on camping trips with my pre-ground coffee; when I didn't have electricity it worked great.

  3. jeff had a beautiful drip coffee maker that he had made years back. unfortunately it broke a few months ago. and you are right Linda- they are great for camping etc.. the coffee tastes great from them too. once we are settle jeff is going to make a new one.


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