Thursday, September 16, 2010

put a lid on it...

it was hard to get back to work today after yesterday's trip to the zoo... of course the oval bakers were in the studio waiting for their covers...

i roll slabs and let them set up a bit.  then i put plastic over the dishes and lay the slabs on top, impressing the slab into the oval and it's gallery.  i use a plastic rib along with my fingers to do this... pressing the slab in as far as i would like the dome of the lid to be when it is turned over on to the baker.

  i then let this set up until it is still pliable but sturdy enough to trim and shape to fit into the gallery.  it is always a challenge to keep the baker from drying out too much.

two of them are finished... the other has to wait until tomorrow because i wasn't happy with how the lid turned out and decided to start over...

once i decide to add covers to these babies it is so time consuming... but i love the challenge of making all the parts fit!


  1. I enjoy the shapes you come up with! Very interesting curves and planes.

  2. Very nice. Does the lid tend to fit only one way or can you turn it around it will fit the other way? Does that make sense?

  3. on the plain ovals the lids will fit either way but tend to fit better one way. i have never made lids for the wavy ovals before... it seems like they will need to fit just one way.

  4. Oh those are nice, interesting how you make the lids, thanks for the info.


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