Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i think i will have a beer.

...it's been a $hitty day and i really have nothing to say.  didn't even go out to the studio.  since i have nothing to say and need something to make me smile, i will leave you with this sweet picture then head to the fridge for that cold one...

~me and my girl, 1982~


  1. Maybe I'll have one, too, Michelle. Cute photo.

  2. cheers!
    My girl must be a tad older then your girl.

  3. Here's a cold one to shitty days. I have certainly had my share of them!I got absolutely nothing done today too, filled out show applications, what a waste of perfectly good time!
    I have a very similar photo of me with my daughter in 1994. cute photo :)

  4. my world revolves around this little girl, who is now all grown up... not sure she realizes that right now.
    i think she thinks i abandoned her when i moved to NC.

  5. OH! you and your daughter = wicked sweet :)


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