Sunday, February 27, 2011

back to the ovals

i was having trouble being productive this week so i decided to go back to the oval dishes that i have always enjoyed making.

the middle one is the largest i have made so far... about 15" from handle to handle

this one is a little different, taller and chubbier with a different handle design.
going back to this form helped me out of the funk i was in and i was back to making bowls while waiting for the ovals to be ready to finish.
i would love to wood or salt fire these but i may not be patient enough to wait for that opportunity so i may fire a couple of them in the gas kiln.

this small jar was from the latest gas firing and is now listed in my etsy shop... i was pretty happy with how it turned out:


  1. Going back to what you enjoy is the best idea, gets you back in gear.

    How would oval dishes be used? I'd always imagined something that deep to have a lid.

  2. gz- i have some that are just a few inches deep and i use them for baking - last night i did refried beans with cheese melted on top. the deeper ones can be cool and unusual serving dishes or on a table to collect mail...
    i have made some lidded ones to but they are a pain in the ass to make!


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