Friday, February 25, 2011

A new gallery in Seagrove!

jeff and i made the decision to become members of a new cooperative gallery here in seagrove.  last night we had a meeting and voted on the name... Co-op of Seagrove Potters.  It's a small gallery in a great location on main street.  it was the Seagrove bank years ago and the old vault is still there.  this weekend some of the members will finish up with the shelving installation and we will be ready to open on March 1st.  we will have a grand opening celebration at the end of the month.  we feel as "newbies" in town it will give us more exposure and as cool as the log cabin shop is, it isn't always the best venue to display some of our work.  it's going to be an eclectic group of potters, so be sure to take a trip to 
Seagrove to check us out.


  1. Potters getting together is a good thing.
    Doesn't suit all, but we do need to stick together!

  2. Good luck with that! I just pulled out of the one in Saxapahaw and it isn't even opened yet! The term plays well with others doesn't really fit me all that well :) I don't do politics.... I bet if it was just a bunch of potters it would be better, sigh....

  3. Tracey- sorry to hear of your experience. it is a little scary to commit to something new, not knowing how all the players will behave! luckily we are familiar with most of the potters involved and i think it will be a good group. it seems it will cost us less than the Saxapahaw co-op.
    maybe all potters does make a difference :-)

  4. Good luck. I have my pottery in a gift shop that works in a similar way. I have to work one day a month. So far it's been good.

  5. So cool, good luck, can't wait to hear more about the eclectic bunch. Eclectic is good.


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