Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 2011 Workshop Announcement

"Before the Alter & Beyond" - A Throwing, Altering, & Texturing Workshop
Presented by Jeff Brown

Saturday- Sunday, March. 26-27, 10am - 5pm 
 Cost: $120

Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery
1423 Pottery Highway 705
Seagrove, NC 27341

Two days: starting with Demonstrations.
After demonstrations, participants will use previously thrown vessels
for altering and texture exploration. We will transform the pieces by
using a number of handbuilding techniques.  You'll paddle, roll, drop,
squeeze, impress and carve your way through the leather hard pots,
giving you the opportunity to try new ways of finishing your thrown
vessels.  The focus will be on pushing your limits and taking risks with
different ideas. 

Day two will focus on throwing practice while more texturing and
altering will continue. Even though you will have a few nice pieces at
the end of the second day, the goal will not be making finished pots.
 Instead it will be about exercising your clay manipulating muscles by pushing 
your limits, and about making fearless decisions to aggressively alter, and texture
thrown pots .

Being free from the pressure of making a product will help in developing a fluidity of motion while you work, and give you the opportunity to take risks with different ideas, and perhaps bring more of your personal expression into the pottery you make. It may never be your intention to be a production potter, but the practice you get from working in a series will help make each individual pot easier to form, and the ideas you have in your mind flow smoother from your fingertips.
Call or e-mail to register!


  1. Looking good, wish I was closer, are you guys coming down for NCECA?


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