Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NCECA 2011 Part Two

today i'll share some random things that i enjoyed at the conference...

St. Petersburg Clay had an exhibition of previous years entries in Skutt Ceramics annual "Peep Show"

this one was my favorite!

it was neat to watch this giant pot being made at the Brent booth

i finally got to see the Artstream gallery in person... lots of beautiful work in there!

 the first two days of the conference we had torrential rain and wind... with a tornado that touched down fairly close.  by friday the sun came out so many of us took a break on the terrace to catch some rays, the Tampa Convention Center is located right on the water with a great view... of course my NH friends were loving it... they still have snow on the ground at home!

in between lectures, watching the ongoing demos was a good way to rest your brain and recharge.  there are two artists doing demonstrations simultaneously and they are also projected on giant screens so you get a good view no matter where you are sitting.  pictured above is Deborah Schwartzkopf demonstrating a variety of wheel working and hand building techniques.

of course every trip has to include some great food... before we left the city on saturday we enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe called the Jerk Hut.  awesome jerk chicken with red beans and rice, probably the best meal we had all week and also the least expensive!  i will spare you the painful details of dinner at "Spain" a tapas bar the previous night...


  1. It would be interesting seeing the kiln for that giant pot!

  2. Looks like a great trip! Always a good thing to get away and be able to reflect and learn. Let's get together very soon!

    Oh and that last meal looked yummy!

  3. Looks like you had a great time.

  4. Tampa is such a great place, lots of good food, looks like you found some of it! My dad had a job there for a year and every weekend we drove from Myrtle Beach to Tampa to see him. I could probably drive there blind folded now.

  5. i have been to Tampa a few times but only did the tourist stuff... Busch Gardens twice and the museum of science once... that was many years ago and i don't think i really saw the "city". we did have a great time, but it always feels good to come home.

  6. I had a was my first time in Tampa, and St. Pete...they are now two of my favorite cities.
    I just wonder if they are as nice without 4000 extra potters there.
    I am looking into the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, and art show.


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