Thursday, May 19, 2011

the new kitty

our friend Roni, with whom we are staying here in NH, adopted a cat yesterday... he is not quite a year old and is adjusting well to his new home. he seems to really like jeff and me. probably because we are cat lovers and all of our belongings smell like our cats. he has been hanging out in our room since we got in last night. Roni is still deciding on a name for him... jeff came up with temnoku, i think that's a good name for a potter's black cat!


  1. sweetie pie! Temmoku has celadon eyes! ;)

  2. I thought you got a new kitten for a minute, my Betty liked Jeff too, he's quite the cat charmer. I once had a black cat named Poncho and he was a terror. Hope you're having a good time up there.


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