Monday, June 20, 2011

perceived value

i am going to have work in an exhibition next month. the host gallery asked if the participants would donate a mug for a fundraising event to benefit the art center associated with the gallery. this fundraiser would be held during the exhibition. the admission price would include an evening of live music, coffee, desserts AND a handcrafted mug.  admission price:


i have to say i was in shock... why would a fine arts & crafts gallery, in an affluent town, charge only $10 for a fundraiser where everyone takes home a handcrafted mug?
needless to say i made some phone calls and went on a rant. i felt the gallery was sending out the message to the public that the value of a handcrafted mug must be only $10. i would rather give the organization $10, keep my mug and sell it for $22. thankfully, the other exhibitors felt the same way. i heard today that the fundraiser has been canceled.


  1. Sometimes people just don't think ...

  2. Good for you and the other artists for speaking out. Clearly someone wasn't thinking, not to mention short-changing their own fundraiser.

  3. good for you all.
    worth and value
    mis-used words these days, applied to cheapness and low quality as praise

  4. agree~ good call on your part...

  5. I was asked to donate 5 bowls worth 100 bucks each last fall (500)!!!!!!. Donors pay 100 bucks at the door and go home with a bowl. I told them I had never made a bowl worth 100 bucks! They shrugged and said it didn't matter. All the bowls went home, all the donors were happy, THOUSANDS of dollars raised :) Kind of the opposite of your story, hmm?

  6. Yes Gary... that is the way a fundraiser usually works. people want to support the org and bringing home a gift is the bonus.

  7. I have had, here in Brazil, the same experience that Gary . Like you said..."people want to support the org and bringing home a gift is the bonus" This works very well here. I would like to thank your visit, and please, if you want, take the stamp for you blog, ok? But, feel free... Hugs, Acácia.


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