Saturday, June 18, 2011

just work...

we are heading back to NH the first week in August for the Annual Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee. as i have mentioned before i had to give up my membership to the League of NH Craftsmen when we moved to NC. Jeff has been an active member for 10+ years so he can continue to belong. the annual fair is a 9 day show and is the longest continually running craft fair in the U.S. Jeff will have a booth the first 5 days. he has been busy in the studio making pots for the show. this week it was vases...

they are taking over the studio! 

gotta run and open the gallery... we are hopeful for a busy weekend with lot's of customers going home with new pots.


  1. Gary went to Lake Sunapee as a kid, and said it was wonderful, his relatives live in Newport NH, we're trying to figure out the least expensive way to make it up there, drive a car, take amtrak, get another motorhome, take our bus? checking into options available to us now.

  2. a nine day show, omg, I just read that. exhausting, but probably worth it

  3. in the past jeff has done all nine days. we decided that it would be easier to bring pots for 5 days rather than the whole 9. Sunapee is beautiful, the show is at the base of the ski area there so it's a beautiful setting. we will tow a trailer for this trip, the gas prices when we went in may killed us.

  4. Jeffy's stuff = gorgeous :) I always did the shop at the fair, ie: letting somebody else sell my stuff for 9 days! a lot cheaper too, than the 1000+ dollar entry fees...

  5. Beautiful vases! Hope the weekend was a good one for you both :)


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