Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pay it forward...

i have been the lucky recipient of TWO pay it forward gifts and a blog give away this year. i received a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings from Jennie of JLK Jewelry and you can see them here on her blog. last week Meredith from Whynot Pottery stopped in with my second pay it forward gift...
the mug is a beauty with an ash glaze that i love... and the RABBIT TILE! she posted this tile on her blog and i mentioned how much i liked it. i need to find just the right spot to hang it.
this really must be my lucky year, Linda over at Blue Starr Gallery did a give away on her blog and i received a really cool print of one of her photographs.
a big thank you to Jennie, Meredith and Linda! i am now planning to pick names for my own pay it forward... stay tuned for an update.
happy wednesday readers!


  1. Hey- I am so happy you like the rabbit- I was quite fond of him myself and the wee mug is always good for a spot to tea.
    Good luck with your pay it forward.

  2. These pay it forward posts are so much fun, the anticipation. I am now working on some pay it forward of the unexpected kinds.


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