Saturday, July 30, 2011

another kiln load

jeff napped on the sofa last night while the bisque kiln was going. he set the alarm on the stove to go off every so often so he could check it. i don't think he got to bed until around 7 am. i was glad to see he had started to un-brick the door of the gas kiln before going to bed, it made it much easier to finish the job this morning.

he is concentrating on the turquoise and shino glaze combo to take to the fair in Sunapee. we are planning to set the booth up with the turquoise together on one side and the wood and salt glazed work on the other.
this week we made the decision to get the largest booth for the Celebration of Seagrove Potter's show in November. it is a double booth and the plan is to divide it in half as well. i guess the NH show will be the test! jeff and i are both all over the place, always trying new things and we know we won't ever stop doing that... but we think that for shows we need to have a more unified look. i think the double booth will let us show the two different types of work that we make but keep the everyday more affordable wares separate from the crunchy, brown, wood and salt glazed forms that we LOVE so much.

we have been having some fun with collaborations while getting ready for this show. jeff threw a bunch of  mug bodies and i pulled the handles, slip trailed & glazed them. my blue slip comes out black under the shino and the white gets lost... i will probably stick to the temple white glaze which is pretty much clear.

this baby kiln likes to go to cone 11. jeff thinks the back stack on the bottom was cone 9 this time... i am heading out to unload so i will find out soon enough. we will load this baby up again today and fire it one last time tomorrow.


  1. The shino and turquoise is really a great combination! Love those bowls.

  2. There are *so* many different things to try! You do need a unified body of work, however, with the tryouts as punctuation!

    Like the conebeast!

  3. A white that's clear that is super, I'm loving your collaborations with the black slip trailing and I love the turquoise.

  4. thanks to all... we really like the turquoise combo too. we have A LOT of pots glazed with that combo (you should have seen our porch today before i got them sanded, priced and packed) now we want to see them flying off the shelves to new homes!


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