Monday, July 11, 2011

whirlwind weekend

we consider our anniversary celebration a success... we made some sales, had a great party Saturday night with lots of friends & food and didn't get to bed until 3:00 am. our friend Rob from Virginia came up for the weekend and stayed through until today. we hadn't seen him in a year so we had some catching up to do.
yesterday and today have been spent recovering.

our new salt glazed pots looked great set out under the tent in the front of the gallery...

a big thank you to all who came and helped us to celebrate... everyone has made us feel welcome in this wonderful community of Seagrove. we feel very fortunate to be here.


  1. Oh I wish I could have been there for your one year anniversary, you both have worked so hard on moving and setting up in a new location. congrats on a successful party.

  2. Wow 3 a.m.! We rolled by your place at 11 and thought it was too late to stop. Guess we're lightweights. Hate we missed the celebration... you guys make a wonderful addition to the community. Hope we can come to the 2nd anniversary celebration!

  3. Jeff and Steph - you should have stopped! there were quite a few people still here at 11:00.
    Linda - it would have been so cool if you and Gary could have made it. You were VERY instrumental in helping us with the "gypsy potter" bus.

  4. congratulations!
    Good looking pots - must get our next salt firing rolling

  5. Those pots DO look wonderful! Glad the event was a success :)


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