Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pottery modeling...

i was taking some pictures outside and jeff decided to strike a pose in the window of the gallery... with all that flowing long hair we joked and called him "Fabio Potter"!  i think this would make a great promotional shot.
time to get to work, stay cool y'all... it's going to be a scorcher today.


  1. That is a super shot, Jeff looks great, and would definitely make a great promotional shot, now he needs to take one of you too, same window.

  2. Great shot. Looks like he's pouring ivy from the pitcher.

  3. ha! it does look like he is pouring ivy from the pitcher. it must be a magic pitcher.

  4. More like Flabio...and yes I am pouring ivy, because there just wasn't enough wrapped around the cabin.
    I was bailing out the cabin, because it had sprung a leak, and was filling up with ivy.


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