Tuesday, September 6, 2011

trying to stay motivated...

it's so muggy today the air feels thick... it has left me with very little ambition. but we did have a kiln to finish unloading...

unfortunately the bowl in the picture above has a spot of kiln crud in the bottom... it might be saved with a little grinding and re-firing.

some more of our collaborative mugs... Jeff threw the bodies, I handled and decorated them.

I am happy with these bowl & spoon jars. Jeff had a bunch of shino and turquoise bowl in this firing and most need to be re-fired. We have been having problems with iron pops with Highwater's Zella clay. Highwater claims that no one has ever complained about that before (but we know that isn't true!). It's extremely annoying and we have decided we are not going to be using it anymore.

Our inventory was getting low so it is good to have fresh pots for the shelves. next on the list is photographing some work for etsy... I have been an etsy slacker lately. Luckily I have been keeping the Co-op stocked! I hope all of you out in the blogosphere have been more productive than me today, which wouldn't be too hard a feat to attain!


  1. I say bull s#@% to Highwater, I had pop outs with Zella and Lyman Red. Ruined quite a few pieces before I quit buying those clays. I think that they are putting something in the raku clay that doesn't like my turquoise glaze, I'm getting weird spotting that I didn't used to get, hmmm.... what up!
    Could it have been any more muggy today?! No way I was going out in that stew, I stayed in and did computer work!

  2. they claimed we do too much body reduction... we cut back and still those nasty pops. my wheat glaze looks hideous over it.
    i too stayed in most of the day and did paperwork and laundry... at least i got caught up on some things!

  3. I've got some clay that has some of those pops too, I have to go back over my notes to see who makes, it, but I remember the description said it had irong to enhance the glaze, must be too big of clumps of iron; love those first tumblers with the swirlies on them.

  4. I thought maybe it was due to my long weekend, but I think it was the air today. So much to do and hardly anything got done!

    My post word is wines....maybe that what should have been done today!


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