Thursday, October 20, 2011

the gypsy potters hit the road

i haven't had much time for blogging. we had a crazy week getting ready to travel to NH. i am writing this quick post in a hotel in PA while i wait for Jeff to get out of the shower! we will arrive in NH this evening and will stay with by brother Paul and his girlfriend Harris at their home in New Ipswich. tomorrow we will be teaching a raku workshop to high school students in Hillsboro, NH.

we fired the gas kiln twice in the last week. we had a re-fire explosion in the first firing that took out too many good pots, at least our collaborative piece for the Celebration gala night auction survived...

we unloaded a portion of the 2nd kiln firing yesterday before we hit the road,  everything looked good. as we were driving last night we remembered that last year at this time we went to NH and our kiln back in Seagrove wasn't quite finished yet. the day after we got back home the gas company came and delivered our tank and connected the gas... we will be so much more ready for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters this year!

below is an example of one of the kiln explosion victims...

Jeff's covered jar with ash glaze survived unscathed!

that's all for now, time to hit the road again!


  1. Love that blue, have a good trip.

  2. travel safely, and jeff's jar = wunderbar!

  3. good to hear that you're busy!

    Refiring is always a hard question- you can get a wonderful pot out of doing it, or it can cause mayhem in the kiln!


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